पिनमैन के नाम से मशहूर हैं ये शख्स, 6 घंटे की सर्जरी में गले से निकली 92 पिन

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by NDX News 755

पिनमैन के नाम से मशहूर हैं ये शख्स, 6 घंटे की सर्जरी में गले से निकली 92 पिन This man, popularly known as Pinman, got 92 pin from the throat in 6-hour surgery The 56-year-old Badrinlal Meena, known as Pinman, has given doctors a new life. Within Badri's body, there was more than 150 pins, needle and nail fumes, not one or two. Something had happened even in war. Badri had surgery in Faridabad's Asian Hospital on Friday. In 6 hours of surgery, doctors removed 92 pins from Badri's throat. The pins in the rest of the body will be removed later. According to doctors, the surgery was risky because the patient could have died. Badri is currently healthy. No doctor prepared for surgery Badri Lal, living in Bundi in Rajasthan, used to work as a water supply in the railway. He was going round in many hospitals in the country for treatment for 6 months, but no doctor was getting ready for surgery. This helped him lose his health and also reduced the weight of about 30 kg. Badri says, 'Where did these pins come from my body, I have no information. I was diabetic, due to this I showed the doctor a year ago, then the investigation revealed that the pins in the body were scorched. Then I went to many hospitals in Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai for treatment, but doctors everywhere refused surgery. After this I came to the Asian Hospital. Badree was admitted to the Asian Hospital on June 24. CT scan and endoscopy revealed that more than 150 pins in different organs of their body were fumes. Lalit Mohan Parashar, director of ENT department says, "We were surprised to see such pins and nails. The challenge before us was how to remove them. Because some pins hit their breathing hose, food pipe, esophagus, and main artery (carotid artery) that bleed the brain. ' These are the mental illness According to Meenakshi Manchanda, the patient's case history has revealed that he is undergoing treatment for mental illness. In the event of depression and mental weakness, the patient hurts themselves. They themselves do not even know about it. ' According to hospital chairman NK Pandey, this is the first surgery in India. We are preparing to record it in the Limca Book of World Records. Subscribe Us for Latest News & Updates ► https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YJkE1zzf1V4O-BbaYtzYw Stay Connected with Us : Blogger ► http://ndxnews7.blogspot.in Twitter ► https://twitter.com/NDXNews7 Google +►https://plus.google.com/u/0/108289361798904603454